Day 1: Coerced into doing Blogmas

I have absolutely ZERO holiday spirit. I’ve been calling myself the Grinch ever since Christmas related things started appearing this year and that’s exactly the attitude I’m keeping until January. However, unlike the Dr. Seuss penned happy ending, I am 100% sure that some ‘Christmas miracle’ isn’t going to happen and make me jolly. HOWEVER, Blogmas is a thing and my lovely best friend Leah has talked me into doing it with her. Her lifestyle blog motivates the hell out of me and I always get really excited when I see that she has a new post.

I have absolutely zero idea what Blogmas is going to look like over here. I doubt it’s going to be daily posts about books because I don’t have the time (that’s a lie but all my free time is spent curled up with Grey’s Anatomy soooo) to read/write reviews that quickly, and I’ve been lacking the brainpower to come up with lists. I don’t have the holiday spirit to make every single post in the next month Christmas related either.
Really, I’m just winging it. I’m going to do my best to blog as much as I can without faking any inspiration and while making the posts book related and potentially festive. I think my goal is just to become more active within the blog and my reading habits.

If you’re doing a bookish Blogmas, I would love to see your posts (and potentially piggyback off of them)!


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