Day 2: Books I went out and bought on the day they were published



I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck ever since I started working when I was 16. I was in charge of buying any extra things I wanted which was my phone/phone bill and coffee when I went out with friends after school. Keep in mind, I was only working 12 hours a week (when I was lucky) and I’ve always been terrible with money (always about that treat yourself mentality). I hardly ever bought books for a number of different reasons: I had horrible luck and always ended up hating new releases, I saved books I wanted for my birthday/Christmas lists because my family always nagged me and there was nothing else I ever wanted (that was affordable or didn’t make me feel guilty for asking for), and I had really good relationships with both the school and the public library.

Now, I’m still living paycheck to paycheck and I still (generally) have horrible luck with new releases. I prefer to read a book and then buy it if I know I’m going to read it again. But, the differences are that I now live in a city where I can actually go to Chapters, and I get tips at work. This means I get to go to a bookstore whenever I go to the mall (which is still not very often but more so than when I was living in my hometown) AND I have a little bit extra money to spend.

November has been a good month for books that I’m willing to take a chance on. That paired with my tip money has meant that I’ve actually gone to Chapters and bought TWO books in one month that weren’t in the clearance section!!! This is a huge milestone for me!15101732_966951910076869_6073323132251275264_n

Both of the books are memoirs (what a surprise!!!) and both of the books are written by incredibly talented and (hot) inspiring women. Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick came out November 15th and Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham was published on November 29th. I read them both in one sitting (not in the same sitting) and I do not regret either purchase whatsoever! I really don’t have any comments to make about them – they made me laugh, made me feel hopeful, and reaffirmed my love for them. If you like either of the multi-talented women and are interested in their lives, I would recommend picking them up! Or, if you know somebody who bought them, borrow them from a friend. I already have two people waiting to get their hands on them. ‘Tis the season for sharing, right?
(See how I managed to make this holiday related? I’ve got this Blogmas thing down!)

(Please don’t mind the uneven filters on the photos. I stole them from my Instagram and I’m too lazy to re-upload them and edit them nicely).

Are you the type of person to buy a book immediately and take a chance on it? Or are you also jaded?


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