Day 4: Gifts to get a book lover from Etsy pt. 2

Having this blog as an excuse to browse Etsy has been both a blessing and a curse. I’ve found SO many more things I want to buy due to “researching” that I could probably make Blogmas only about gift ideas. Don’t worry, I won’t but it’s reallllllllllllly tempting because looking at book related items is so satisfying.
Anyways, here are some more gift ideas for the book lover in your life or for treating yourself because you’re SO close to finishing this semester!!!


Can you believe that there’s tea inspired by books??? My brother and I have a David’s Tea problem and have an entire cupboard devoted to all of our different teas so this is right up our alley!


What’s better than a stormy night and reading by candle light? Why not make it extra special and light book related candles?


These are a bit pricier and more of an investment but I had to include them because look how gorgeous they are! Once I (eventually) get my own place, I’m splurging for my own housewarming gift.


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