BOOK TALK | I frickin’ love audiobooks

I have recently discovered my love for audiobooks when I decided to listen to the Space Queen Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist while I started packing. I loved that I was able to multitask and basically READ while I did other things!!

My newfound love for audiobooks has come as a bit of a surprise though. In elementary school, we had a section of the day for “stations”. This is where we were divided into small groups, around 5 or so, and we would switch between different activities. There were crafts, robotics, extra math, and a few others. My least favourite, despite being an avid reader even then, was the audiobook station. The narrators were AWFUL and so, so slow. There were books where we could follow along with the narrator, but I always found myself blocking out the voice and skipping ahead. Actually, looking back on things, I was never able to pay attention when my teachers would read books out loud, either. This was definitely an early sign of my ADHD. I’m sure if the narrators and book choices were different, I would have started loving them earlier.

I think the trick to audiobooks is to not use them as a replacement for books, but instead use them as a way to get stuff done. (And, of course, to find a narrator that is actually good). I had to start packing, which I hate doing. Carrie Fisher’s memoir in audiobook form was the ideal compromise. Dishes? Cleaning the house? Getting ready to go out? Cooking? Why not listen to an audiobook???
I’m actually quite bummed that I don’t have a bus commute to school anymore. I couldn’t focus on reading a book because I was afraid I’d miss my stop/people were too loud/etc, but an audiobook would have been the perfect fit!  When I’m settled back in my hometown, I have big plans to go for long walks with some headphones and a story playing in them.  Of course, sometimes chores and walks call for music. It’s all about balance and listening (ha, get it?) to what you want/need!

I’m currently listening to a BBC narration of The Fellowship of the Ring.  I’m hoping this will be the way I actually get through the series!

What are your thoughts on audiobooks?


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