BOOK TALK | Used Books Haul

Because I’m absolutely terrible at consistent posts and actually reading books, I thought I’d try adding a new segment of sorts to my blog! I have a decent camera and enough “equipment” to work out a makeshift setup so I figured I would give filming videos a shot!

I’m not sure if it’s going to become a regular thing because I’ve learned it’s a lot more intimidating than I initially thought AND editing clips of yourself that you have to watch 10+ times is not fun. It’s also kind of weird to have my face on here outside of the “about me” section.

Without further ado, here’s my first video (that I had to completely re-edit which is why some cuts are bad) where you can watch me talk about a bunch of used books I picked up while flipping my hair far too many times and complaining about how expensive books are!

If this is something you enjoy seeing on my blog/seeing in general, please let me know! If you think this is the worst idea ever, I would still really like to know – no hard feelings!



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